The Madra Homestay is preparing to reopen to guests from around the world later this year.

Ketut Madra passed on responsibility for the homestay to his son Madé Berata and his wife Komang in 2018. Madé, now 52, the son and grandson of gender wayang musicians, still teaches wayang art at ISI Denpasar occasionally while also working on his Ph.D. in Balinese traditional culture at Udayana University. Closer to home, he ensures that the young people in his banjar have the opportunity to learn traditional Balinese gamelan and flute. The instruments of the Balinese gamelan angklung at the homestay (above) are smaller, easier to play, and more portable than those of the full gong kebyar ensemble. They are ideal first instruments for beginners learning to play.

A few 2021 photos below as the Madra Homestay prepares to re-open.